Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Image from Sighthill Cemetery in Glasgow.

The Cherub tops a stone erected by David Young and his wife Janet in memory of their 6 children.

David Young died 1847
Ann Young died 1847
Ann Young died 1853
David Young 1854
Agnes Young died 1855
Eliza Young died 1869

David Young Senior died 1881
Wife Janet Hamilton Wright died in 1885

The stone sits in Section 13 one of the oldest parts
which is on the left hand side of the road leading
from the Gatehouse.

Just visible in the background is Springurn Road

There are now so many photos/MI's for Sighthill that a 'Part 2' has been added to the main Memento-Mori site!

See: http://www.memento-mori.co.uk/


  1. Look forward to more of your blog, Well done

  2. Good blog..interesting. I also used your main website when I had run into a wall with my investigations into my family tree...great help got many things going.