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Gateway to the Trossachs

Aberfeldy and Port of Menteith Churchyards (South Perthshire) have now been added
to the online indices at www.memento-mori

Aberfeldy Churchyard:

Port of Menteith Churchyard:

The above ‘row’ of stones all sitting side by side in Port of Menteith Churchyard
are to various members and generations of the Sands Family dating from 1817 to 1970.

Norrieston (or Thornhill) Churchyard online index has been updated
and contains many more names.


The Anatomy Act of 1832 was intended to end illegal ‘methods’ previously employed to
procure bodies for medical research.

Physicians, surgeons and students who intended to practice anatomical examination/dissection
were required to obtain a licence from the Home Secretary which gave legal access to
unclaimed corpses – for example those who died in prison, poor or work houses or
a body being donated by their next of kin.

Prior to the Anatomy Act, the Murder Act of 1752 stipulated that only the corpses
of executed murderers could be used for dissection.

Perhaps the most famous (or infamous) body-snatchers were Burke and Hare
although the case of body-snatching was never proven – they appear to have
preferred to murder their victims after realising what a lucrative trade it could be!

The theft of a body in itself was not considered a criminal offence, but this did not include
any shroud, wrapping or other ‘burial-clothing’ so this would account for stories of
grieving relatives finding an empty grave with shrouds etc., left behind.

It was during this time, the early 1800’s, Mortsafes were invented as an attempt to
prevent the recently buried from being dug up and their bodies being used for medical research.

The following photographs show just a few of the mortsafe styles used in Central Scotland.

Cadder Churchyard

Aberfeldy Churchyard

Linlithgow (St. Michael’s) Churchyard

Mainly made from iron, these devices and came in a huge variety of different designs.
Some were rods and plates which could be padlocked together, others were ‘iron-coffins’
in which the wooden coffin would be placed (until the body became sufficiently decayed
not be of any use for the anatomists/medical students)
whilst the more common took the form of an ornamental ‘cage’.

Bothwell Churchyard

Ramshorn (St. David’s) Churchyard

Ramshorn (St. David’s) Churchyard

Glasgow Cathedral  ‘Old’ Burying Ground

Glasgow Cathedral  ‘New’ Burying Ground

Cadder Churchyard

Other solutions to body-snatching included the building of secure watch-houses,
mortsafe houses or vaults in which the dead body could be stored until
it was of no use for dissection. These were guarded by relatives, gravediggers
or men paid by the mortsafe societies.

Cadder Churchyard Watch-house

Cadder Churchyard Watch-house

It should be noted that many ornamental/decorative railings were erected
and although may appear similar in style to a mortsafe, they would not
have prevented access to the lairs.

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What's in a name?

The name of Daniel Tennant is inscribed on a family gravestone stone in
Denny Cemetery, Denny, Stirlingshire.

The Monumental Inscription lists that he was killed in action in France
on 6th June 1916 aged 27 years.

The Commonwealth Graves Commission database lists
a Daniel Tennent who had served in the 6th Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment,
but his date of death was the 8th June 1918 and also,
the surname was spelt Tennent rather than Tennant.

The Scottish National War Memorial’s database echoed the same information,
but had the additional information that his place of birth was Dunipace, Stirlingshire.

On checking the Denny & Dunipace Roll of Honour, there is a Daniel Tennant
included as enlisting during January 1915, living at 21 Milton Row, Dunipace
but at the time of publication, no further information was known as to his ‘fate’.

Daniel’s name appears on Denny Town Civic Memorial, Denny Cemetery Memorial
and Dunipace Church’s external Memorial
(which was originally sited at the old Dunipace Church in Denovan Road).

Denny Cemetery Memorial

Denny Town Memorial

Dunipace Church & Memorial

This is Daniel and his mother’s story ……

(The ‘life events’ have been listed in date order as much as possible).

According to the Monumental Inscription, Daniel’s mother was Susan Montgomery,
who, is listed as being the widow of Thomas Chalmers,
so Susan had previously been married to a Mr. Tennant, but on carrying out further research
a wealth of information was revealed.

Daniel’s mother Susan was born 26th January 1862 at East Borland in Denny Denny,
daughter of James Montgomery & Mary Ann Rae (or Ray/Reay)
and was christened on 30th March in Dunipace Free Church.
(IGI, Batch No. C19013)

Her parents were married at Dunipace on 2nd October 1857
(Susan’s Birth registration)

The 1871 Census finds Susan with her grandparents:

1871 Census (2nd/3rd April 1871)
Nob Row, Dunipace, Stirlingshire

George Busby, Head, Labourer, age 45, born c1826, Ireland
Agnes Busby, Wife, age 40, born c1831, Ireland
Joseph Busby, Son, Labourer, age 17, born c1854, Dunipace
William Busby, Grand-Son, age 7, born c1864, Dunipace
Susan Montgomery, Grand-Daughter, age 7, born c1864, Denny

The 1881 Census finds Susan with her Aunt and Uncle,
previously listed in 1871 as her grandparents:
1881 Census (3rd/4th April 1871)
Milton Row, Dunipace, Stirlingshire

George Busby, Head, Ironstone Labourer, age 45, born Ireland
Agnes Busby, Wife, age 48, born Ireland
Joseph Busby, Son, Ironstone Labourer, age [illegible], born Dunipace
Susan Montgomery, Niece, Papermill Worker, age 17, born Dunipace

Susan gave birth to a son on 19th May 1881 at ‘Row’, Dunipace
His Birth Registration lists his full name as Matthew Cram Montgomery.
No father was listed but just over a year later Susan went on to marry Matthew Cram.

Susan Montgomery married Matthew Cram at the Row, Dunipace on 24h July 1882.
Susan is listed as age 19, the daughter of James and Mary Ann Mongomery.
Matthew is listed as age 20, son of James and Ellen Cram.

Susan’s marriage to her 1st husband was only to last just over 2 years.

The couple had 3 (known) children:
Matthew Cram (Montgomery), born c1881
Mary Cram, born c1883
James Cram, born c1885
(James & Mary’s  years of Birth based on age listed on 1901 Census)

Matthew Cram died of Typhoid Fever at, Denny on 8th November 1884 aged 22
which means that Susan would have been pregnant with son James.

Susan then married Daniel Tennant at the Manse, Denny on 17th July 1885.

She is listed as a widow, age 23, the daughter of James and Mary Ann Mongomery.
Daniel is listed as age 22, son of John and Mary Tennant.

Susan and Daniel  had 3 (known) children:
John Tennant, born c1886
Agnes Tennant, born c1889
Daniel Tennant, born 13th March 1890
(The years of birth of John & Agnes are based on their listed ages on 1901 Census)

Susan’s marriage to her 2nd husband was only to last just over 6 years.

Once again, Susan was left a widow and was living with her Father-in-Law

1891 Census (5th/6th April 1881)
Nob Row, Dunipace, Stirlingshire

John Tennant, Head, Coal Miner, age 63, born c1828, Cumbernauld
Susan Tennant, Sister-in-Law, age 27, born c1864, Denny
Matthew Cram, ‘Visitor’, Scholar, age 10, born c1881, Dunipace
Mary Cram, ‘Visitor’, Scholar, age 8, born c1883, Dunipace
James Cram, ‘Visitor’, Scholar, age 7, born c1884, Dunipace
John Tennant, ‘Visitor’, Scholar, age 5, born c1886, Dunipace
Agnes Tennant, ‘Visitor’, age 3, born c1888, Dunipace
Daniel Tennant, ‘Visitor’, age 6 months, born c1890, Dunipace

Susan then married Thomas Chalmers Prow at Milton of Dunipace
on the 10th December 1894.

Susan is listed as a widow, age 32, the daughter of James and Mary Ann Mongomery.
Thomas is listed as age 30, son of Thomas Chalmers and Jane Prow nee McIndoe.

Thomas Prow was the illegitimate son of Jane Prow.
Jane’s husband Arthur Prow has died died on 13th March 1860 age 33
and was buried in the U.P. Churchyard (or Broompark), Denny.
(No existing stone).

Broompark Churchyard

On the 1871 Census, Thomas age 7 is listed with his mother at No. 2, Nob Row, Dunipace
On the 1881 Census, Thomas age 17 is listed with his mother at Stirling Row, Dunipace
On the 1891 Census, Thomas age 27 is listed with his mother at Nob Row, Dunipace

(Daniel Tennant and Thomas Prow (husbands 2 & 3)
lived in the same building in 1881)

Jane Prow, Thomas’ mother died on 16th April, 1891 aged 61
shortly after the taking on the 1891 Census.

Thomas and Susan’s first child, Jane Chalmers Prow was born on 10th December 1894,
19 days after their marriage.

They went on to have 6 more (known) children:

William C. Prow (or Chalmers), c1896
Helen Stalker C. Prow (or Chalmers), c1898
Margaret C. Prow (or Chalmers), c1900 (died 21st February 1904, age 3)
Arthur Chalmers Prow c1902 (died 15th October 1903, age 13 months)
Robert c1905  (died 19th December 1935, age 30)
Jessie, c1909

1901 Census (31st March/1st April 1901)

4 Rosebank Court, Dunipace, Stirlingshire
Thomas Prow, Head, Coalminer, age 40, born c1861, Dunipace
Susan Prow, Wife, age 41, born c1860, Denny

Mary Cram(b), Step-Daughter, Brickwork Labourer, age 18, born c1883, Dunipace
James Cram(b), Step-Son, Coalminer, age 16, born c1885, Denny

John Tennant, Step-Son, Iron Dresser, age 15, born c1886, Dunipace
Agnes Tennant, Step-Daughter, age 12, born c1889, Dunipace
Daniel Tennant, Step-Son, Scholar, age 11, born c1890, Dunipace

Jane C. Prow, Daughter, Scholar, age 7, born c1894, Dunipace
William C. Prow, Son, Scholar, age 5, born c1896, Dunipace
Helen C. Prow, Daughter, age 3, born c1898, Dunipace
Margaret C. Prow, Daughter, age 6 months, born c1900, Dunipace

By 1911, Thomas Prow has become Thomas Chalmers?

1911 Census (2nd April 1911)

4 Rosebank Court, Dunipace, Stirlingshire
Thomas Chalmers, Head, Coa Pit Screenman, age 47, born Dunipace
Susan Chalmers, Wife, age 48, born Denny

Mary Cram(b), Step-Daughter, Brickwork Labourer, age 18, born c1883, Dunipace
James Cram(b), Step-Son, Coalminer, age 16, born c1885, Denny

John Tennant, Step-Son, Iron Dresser, age 15, born c1886, Dunipace
Agnes Tennant, Step-Daughter, age 12, born c1889, Dunipace
Daniel Tennant, Step-Son, Coalminer, age 20, born Dunipace

Jane Chalmers, Daughter, Scholar, age 16, born Dunipace
William Chalmers, Son, Iron Dresser, age 14, born Dunipace
Helen Chalmers, Daughter, Scholar, age 12, born Dunipace
Margaret C. Prow/Chalmers, Daughter, age 6 months, born c1900, Dunipace
Robert Chalmers, Son, age 6, born Dunipace
Jessie Chalmers, Daughter, age 2, born Denny

Daniel Tennant was killed in action on 6th June 1918.

His name is amongst over 14,000 UK casualties commemorated on
Pozieres Memorial in France all of whom have no known grave
and were known to have lost their lives on the Somme
between 21st March and 7th August 1918.

Pozieres Memorial

Thomas Prow or Chalmers, Coalminer died age 66 at
132 Broad Street, Denny
Susan Montgomery (Cram/Tennant/Prow/Chalmers)
died aged 84 at Kirkslap, Denny.

In Loving Memory of
THOMAS CHALMERS, husband of Susan Montgomery
Who died 17th February 1930 aged 66 years
ROBERT their son
Died 19th December 1935 aged 30 years
Who died in infancy
Also her sons
Died 5th February 1905 aged 19 years
Killed in action in France
6th June 1916 aged 27 years
Also the above
Died 16th January 1947 aged 85 years

So, the moral of this wee story is .....

No matter what's written on an inscription,
NOTHING can be taken for granted!!



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Double Trouble with Double-Barrell? (Part 1)

The Maxwell-Müller Family

The surname Maxwell-Müller has multiple variants so cross-referencing all possibilities
has been essential but discrepancies appear throughout documentation.

It has been almost impossible to work-out how the name came about.
The following research is limited to what is available from various on-line sources
It appears that the original surname was Mullër and the middle names were then incorporated.

(Census information has been taken from transcriptions so may not be completely accurate)

1841 Census (6th/7th June 1841)
Heriot Row, N 21, St. Stephen Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian
John Martin Müller, Teacher of Music, age 30, born c1811, Scotland
Mary Müller, age 25, born c1816, Scotland
Harriet F. Müller, age 20, born c1821, Scotland
Charles W. M. Müller, Teacher of Music, age 19, born c1822, Scotland
Theodosia Müller, age 2,born c1839, Midlothian, Scotland.

The relationship between John, Harriet and Theodosia
are confirmed on the registration of Theodosia’s marriage in 1862

John, Mary and Charles may have been siblings and if so,
were the children of  Christian Miller , Musician and Mary Bigger.
(Only Charles’ birth  found in IGI, Batch No: C11821-8)

Theodosia Yonge Müller was the daughter of John Martin Müller, Professor of Music
and Harriette? Byers Mercer?
She married William Crawford, a Portrait Painter on 24th October 1862
at St. Paul’s (Episcopal) Chapel, York Place Edinburgh
Both her parents are listed as deceased on the marriage registration document.
The officiating Minister was Rev. Leonard Shafto Orde.

No birth or baptism documentation has been found for Theodosia,
neither has any marriage documentation been found for her parents.

At the age of 12 years old, Theodosia is listed on the 1851 Census as a scholar,
boarding at 23 Abercromby Street in Edinburgh.
(This may be Abercromby Place)
Head of Household was an Elizabeth Weir, Governess
This could possibly indicate that her parents had died as this address is only a few hundred yards
from Heriot Row where the family had been listed as living on the 1841 Census.

Abercromby Place and Heriot Row are a continuation of one street bordering Queen Street Gardens.

O.S. Six-inch, 1st Edition, Scotland, 1843-1882. Edinburghshire, Sheet 2, Survey Date: 1852, Publication Date: 1853.

By 1861, Theodosia (now listed on the 1861 Census with a middle initial of Y.)
aged 22 is still a boarder (and fund-holder) but is now living at 26 Royal Terrace.
Head of Household (as in 1851) was Elizabeth Weir, School Mistress.

O.S. Six-inch, 1st Edition, Scotland, 1843-1882. Edinburghshire, Sheet 2, Survey Date: 1852, Publication Date: 1853.

Theodosia Yonge Müller died age 84 on 6th August 1922
At 3 Boulevard de Grancy, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Unfortunately, there are no parents named on the (British Consulate) registration,
but she was listed as:
Theodosia Yonge Gow-Gregor, formerly Crawford nee Müller,
widow of a British Subject by birth
The informant is un-named, but was listed as the son of C. Gow-Gregor.

Theodosia’s first husband, William Crawford, A.R.S.A. died 2nd August 1869.
(The couple known to have had at least one child.)

Charles William Maxwell-Müller was possibly the uncle of Theodosia Maxwell-Müller
(No definite verification found except comparisons on 1841 Census)
He married Janet Marion Alexander Wardrop
On 4th March 1844 at Glasgow (Source: Daughter Leonora’s Birth Reg.)

The IGI lists a date for their marriage as 28th February 1844 at Ardrossan in Ayrshire
This may have been the calling the Banns (IGI Batch No: M11576-4)

Charles William Maxwell- Müller was born on 26th August 1821 in Dumfries
and christened there on 10th October 1821
Lawful son of Christian Miller, Musician and Mary Bigger.
(Also found in IGI, Batch No: C11821-8)

Their (Known) Children:

Jessie born (around) November 1844 (M.I., Camelon Cemetery)
Eliza (or Elise) Maxwell-Müller* was born 9th March 1846, Glasgow
[Mother listed as Marion] (Batch No: C11975-2)
Caroline Maxwell-Müller* was born 30th October 1847, Glasgow (Batch No: C11967-3)
Robert William Maxwell-Müller* was born 31st July 1849, Linlithgow
[Mother listed as Jessie] (Batch No: C119943)
Maria Maxwell-Müller* was born 9th February 1851, Linlithgow
[Mother listed as Jessie] (Batch No: C119943)
Joanna Gray Maxwell-Müller was born 18th March 1854, Edinburgh (Batch No: C119844)
Annabella Maxwell-Müller was born 18th May 1856, Peebles (Batch No: C117681)
Martin Maxwell-Müller was born 18th May 1856, Peebles (Batch No: C117681)
Doras Maxwell-Müller was born 3rd August 1857, Peebles (Batch No: C117681)
Charles Walton Maxwell-Müller was born 30th April 1859, Edinburgh (Batch No: C116851)
John Maxwell-Müller was born 10th March 1861, Stirling
Leonora Maxwell-Müller* was born 3rd July 1862, Hutchisontown, Glasgow
[Surname registered as Maxwell-Miller]
Barbara Maxwell-Müller was born 1875

* Eliza’s (or Elise) birthplace is listed as France on 1851 Census and as Paris, France on 1871 Census
Caroline’s birthplace is listed as Sardinia on 1851 Census and as Nice, France on 1871 Census
Robert William’s birthplace is listed as Leith on 1851 Census
Maria’s birthplace is listed as Leith on 1851 Census and as Linlithgow on the 1871 Census
Leonora’s birthplace is listed as Linlithgow on 1871 Census

Eldest daughter Jessie died 19th April 1849 aged 4½ years (M.I. Camelon Cemetery)

1851 Census (30th/31st March 1851)

80 High Street
, Linlithgow, West Lothian
Charles William Maxwell Müller, Professor of Music,
House Proprietor & Fund-holder, age 29, born c1822, Dumfries
Janet Marion Alexander Müller, Wife, Land & House Proprietor, age 28, born c1823, Glasgow
Eliza (or Elise) Maxwell-Müller, Daughter, age 5, born c1846, France (British Subject)
Caroline Maxwell-Müller, Daughter, age 3, born c1848, Sardinia (British Subject)
Robert William Maxwell-Müller, Son, age 1, born c1850, Linlithgow, West Lothian
Maria Maxwell-Müller, Daughter, age 7 months, born c1850, Linlithgow, West Lothian

Twins Annabella and Martin both died in infancy, May 1856 (M.I. Camelon Cemetery)

80 High Street is the address of ‘Occasions’.

O.S. 25 inch 1st Edition, Scotland, 1855-1882., Stirling Sheet XXIX.8 (Falkirk), Survey date: 1859, Publication date: 1865

1861 Census (7th/8th April 1861
Bonnyside House*, Falkirk (Landward), Stirlingshire
Gilbert Dewar, Head, Farmer (of 30 acres employing 13 men & 16 women),
age 25, born c1836, Queensferry, Midlothian
Charles W. M. Miller (Müller), Visitor, House Proprietor & Shareholder, age 39, born c1822, Dumfries
Thomas Maxwell, Ploughman, age 52, born c1809, Douglas, Dumfriesshire
Jane Maxwell, Domestic Servant, age 50, born c1811, Glenbuck, Ayrshire
Jane Maxwell, Domestic Servant, age 13, born c1848, Dalmeny, Linlithgowshire
Janet Maxwell, Scholar, age 10, born c1851, Dalmeny, Linlithgowshire
James Maxwell Hamilton, Boarder, age 1, born c1860, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

*It seems more likely that the address would have been Bonnyside Farm rather than Bonnyside House.
The two properties sit side by side and are both still in existence.

It is unknown if there was any family relationships between Charles
and Gilbert Dewar or any of the Maxwells listed.

The whereabouts of his wife Janet and children is unknown – he may have been boarding in the area
looking for a new home - as by 1871 he and his family were living at Glenyards.

Bonnyside Farmhsouse
Bonnyside House

When daughter Leonora was born on 3rd July 1862 at South Greenbank, Glasgow, her father Charles
who registered her birth gave his residence as Glenyards, Stirlingshire.

Her name is recorded as Leonora Maxwell MILLER

1871 Census (2nd/3rd April 1871)
Glenyards, Falkirk Landward, Stirlingshire (2nd/3rd April 1871)
Charles William Maxwell-Müller, Head, Professor of Music, age 48, born c1823, Dumfries, Dumfriess-shire
Elise Maxwell-Müller, Daughter, age 25, born c1846, Paris, France
Caroline Maxwell-Müller, Daughter, age 23, born c1848, Nice, France
Marie Maxwell-Müller, Daughter, Art Student, age 26, born c1845, Linlithgow, Linlithgowshire
Leonna Maxwell-Müller, Daughter, age 8, born c1863, Glasgow, Lanarkshire

The Land Ownership Commission 1872-73. (Published 1874)
The report of a Parliamentary Commission giving the names of every owner of land (of 1 acre or more) in each county.
The estimated acreage of Glenyards, Denny (owned by Charles William Maxell Müller)
was 68 acres and had a gross annual value of £113 and 2 shillings.

Eliza (or Elise) Maxwell-Müller died age 28 and was buried in Camelon Cemetery on 2nd December 1874
(M.I. Camelon Cemetery + Burial Record)

Joanna Gray Maxwell-Müller (wife of  R. C. [or G.] Fraser) died age 19 on 5th January 1874
(M.I. Camelon Cemetery)

Dora Maxwell-Müller died age 19 on 4th October 1876 (M.I. Camelon Cemetery)

1881 Census (3rd/4th April 1881)
Glenyards Cottages, Falkirk Landward, Stirlingshire
Thomas McH. Baird, Head, Pattern Filer, age 22, born c1859, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire
Jane Baird, Wife, age 22, born c1859, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Argyll
Mary MacDonald, Visitor, Sister-in-Law, age 16, born c1865, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Argyll
Also: Charles William Maxwell- Müller, Temporary Lodger, Proprietor of 70 acres, 45 arable, age 59
Born c1822, Dumfries, Dumfriess-shire

Charles Walton Maxwell-Müller died age 22 on 26th January 1882 (M.I. Camelon Cemetery)

1880/1881 Valuation Roll
Glenyards is listed as having 10 ‘residences’, these are (by reference in Valuation Roll):
House & Garden, Glenyards, Greenhill, Denny. Proprietor: C.W.M. Müller . Occupier: same.
Lands & Farm, Glenyards, Greenhill, Denny. Proprietor: C.W.M. Müller.
Occupier(s): Misses C. M. Muller & Executors of Miss C. M. Müller.
House & Garden, Glenyards, Greenhill, Denny.
Proprietor: C.W.M. Müller. Occupier: Empty.
House & Garden, Glenyards, Greenhill, Denny. Proprietor: C.W.M. Müller.
Occupier: Alexander Smith, Baker, Glasgow
House & Garden, Glenyards, Greenhill, Denny. Proprietor: C.W.M. Müller.
Occupier: Dugald Walker, Dairyman
House & Garden, Glenyards, Greenhill, Denny. Proprietor: C.W.M. Müller.
Occupier: A. W. Stewart, Grocer
House & Garden, Glenyards, Greenhill, Denny. Proprietor: C.W.M. Müller.
Occupier: James McAree, Joiner
House & Garden, Glenyards, Greenhill, Denny. (2) Proprietor: C.W.M. Müller.
Occupier: Empty
House & Garden, Glenyards, Greenhill, Denny. Proprietor: C.W.M. Müller.
Occupier: John Hutton, Manager, Spelter Co.
House & Garden, Glenyards, Greenhill, Denny. Proprietor: C.W.M. Müller.
Occupier: - - McIntyre, Farm Servant

1891 Census (5th/6th April 1891)
Glenyards Villa, Falkirk Landward, Stirlingshire
Charles William Maxwell- Müller, Head, Retired Professor of Music, age 69, born c1822, Dumfries, Dumfriess-shire
Also: Agnes Milne, House Keeper, age 39, born c1852, Greenock, Renfrewshire

Janet Marion Alexandra Maxwell-Müller (nee Wardrop) died on 9th April 1891
(M.I. Camelon Cemetery)

Charles William Maxwell-Müller died age 73 and was buried in Camelon Cemetery on 27th November 1894
(M.I. Camelon Cemetery + Burial Record)

The Royal Red Cross

The Order of St. Sava 5th Class (Similar medal for illustration purposes only)

The Nursing Record & Hospital World, July 29th, 1899

The Nursing Record & Hospital World, September 2nd, 1899

The following information following Leonora’s nursing career
was very kindly shared by
‘Norman’ (Royalredcross, Great War Online Forum)

Leonora Maxwell-Muller born 3 July 1862 in Glasgow.
Appointed to the temporary Army Nursing Service 12 March 1885
as a replacement for nurses going to Egypt.
Joined the Guards Hospital on the same day.
Appointed to the permanent service on 3 July 1887 but resigned her appointment
on 22 February 1888 to take up an appointment with the Indian Nursing Service.

Appointed Nursing Sister IANS 21 February 1888, promoted acting Superintendent 21 August 1890
and to Lady Superintendent 16 March 1899.
Completes two 5 year terms of service with the IANS ending 16 March 1899.
Awarded RRC in LG dated 25 July 1899
and invested by the Queen at Osborne House on 24 August 1899.

In 1903 (or 1904) married Arthur St. John, late Iniskillings, who she had met when the 2nd. Bn.
Was stationed in India, and took the surname of Maxwell-St.John.
From the following year until 1914 served as a member of the Indian Office Nursing Board
which interviewed and selected candidates for the Indian Nursing Service.

From 1914 to 1915 she served under the British Committee of the French Red Cross
as Matron of the Hopital Auxiliare No. 307 which was the Anglo-French Homeopathic Hospital in Paris.
It was established at Neuilly in the premises of a former sanatorium,  40-75 beds mostly British staff.
The hospital closed March 1916.
Later served with the Serbian Relief Fund in Corfu from 3 June 1916 to 13 September 1916
and in Macedonia as Matron of the SRF hospital there from 13 September 1916 to 8 September 1917.

Awarded Order of St. Sava 5th class by the Serbian government, confirmed in FO records.

Entitlement: RRC (Victoria), British War and Victory medals (FRX) Serbian St. Sava 5th.

Continued in 'Double Trouble with Double-Barrell?' Part 2