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Four children who died at Troon, May 1873 ……

Or so the inscription on a stone in Glasgow’s Western Necropolis says.

Was this a drowning? A disease epidemic?

By sourcing their death certificates, it was discovered that tragically, each of them contracted Diptheria and all died within a period of 19 days

They were the children of John Wingate, a Calico Printer in Glasgow and
Jean Langlands his wife.

In loving memory of JOHN WINGATE,
Born 8th July 1820, died 21st November 1891
Also four children who died at Troon, May 1873
And buried at the Cathedral, Glasgow
NORMAN, aged 3 years
NELLY FLEMING aged 5½ years
WATSON aged 19 months
And RALPH aged 4 years
Born 3rd November 1828, died 25th March 1899
Born 7th September 1862, died 4th November 1910

The stone is in Section XX, (Lair No.unknown)

Norman Wingate, age 2 years, died of Diptheria, 28th April 1873
Nelly Fleming Wingate, age 5 years, died of Diptheria, 4th May 1873
Watson Wingate, age 1 year, died of Diptheria, 14th May 1873
Ralph Wingate, age 4 years, died of Diptheria, 16th May 1873

The address listed for Norman and Nelly is ‘South Beach’, Troon’
The address listed for Watson and Ralph is ‘Sea Bank’, Troon

Perhaps the family were on holiday or they had taken the children to the
sea-side in the feint hope that cleaner-air would air their recovery.

After scouring the burial grounds at Glasgow Cathedral, no memorial for
these children has been found, but there is a possibility that they were interred
in the lair of their Grandparents John Wingate and Jean Smith.

John Wingate Senior, can be found from the 1841 & 1851 Census
where his occupation is that of ‘Clothier’

In 1841, John (Senior), his wife Jean Smith are living at Govan Villa, Govan
With sons Alexander age 20, John, age 20, James age 15, Walter age 5
and Robert age 3 and their one daughter Mary, age 9

By 1851 only John Junior, age 30 and daughter Mary, age 19
were still with their parents, living at Cessnock Park, Govan.

John Senior died 2nd May 1852 aged 64
The Wingate Lair is located on Wall C, Lair No. 163

(This indicates that the location is on the first ‘internal’ wall and faces west,
towards the rear of Glasgow Royal Infirmary building)

In memory of JOHN WINGATE died 2nd May 1852 aged 64
JEAN SMITH his wife died 27th December 1874 aged 81
And their children JEAN, ANDREW & HELEN who died in infancy
ALEXANDER died 1859 aged 41
ROBERT died 1876 aged 39
JAMES died 4th October 1888 aged 66
MARGARET his wife died 2nd February 1894 aged 72

Jean Wingate (nee Smith), widow of John Senior can be found in the 1861 Census
age 67 living at 17 India Street, Glasgow with her two sons,
John Junior, age 40 and Walter age 25

On previous Census Returns, John Junior’s occupation had gone from ‘Clerk’ in 1841
to ‘Clothier’ in 1851 & 1861, so perhaps he had followed in his father’s footsteps.

John Wingate married Jean Fleming Langlands on 9th January 1862
in Glasgow’s Blythswood District.

Their first child, Arthur Wingate, was born in Glasgow
on 7th September 1862 and his sister Janet Watson Wingate was also
born in Glasgow eighteen months later, on 20th March 1865.
Their third child Jeannie J came along in 1867 but she was born in
Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire.

On the 1871 Census, the family are found living at ‘The Knowe’ Villa,
Millken Park in Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
where John is now involved in the Calico Trade.

John Wingate, Head of Household, age 50, born c1821, Glasgow
Occupation: Partner in Warehouse/Calico Printer
Jeannie Fleming Wingate, Wife, age 40, born c1831, Ireland
Arthur Wingate, Son, age 8, born c1862, Glasgow
Janet W. Wingate, Daughter, age 6 born c1865, Glasgow
Jeanie J. Wingate, Daughter, age 4, born c1867, Kilbarchan
Nelly H. Wingate, Daughter, age 3, born c1868, Kilbarchan
Ralph Wingate, Son, age 2, born c1869, Kilbarchan
Norman Wingate, Son, age 10 months, born 1870, Kilbarchan

The deaths of their 4 children may have instigated a move back to Glasgow.

The 1881 Census shows the family living at 6 Kelvin Drive, Glasgow:

John Wingate, Head of Household, age 60, born c1821, Glasgow
Occupation: Printed Calico Merchant
Jeannie Fleming Wingate, Wife, age 51, born c1830, Londonderry, Ireland
Arthur Wingate, Son, age 18, born c1862, Glasgow
Janet W. Wingate, Daughter, age 16, born c1865, Glasgow
Jeanie J. Wingate, Daughter, age 14, born c1867, Kilbarchan

John Wingate born 8th July 1820, died 21st November 1891, age 71
His wife Jean Fleming Wingate (nee Langlands)
Born 3rd November 1862, died 25th March 1899, age 70

The following newspaper articles may refer to the above Wingate Family
And if so, tell their own story.

Edinburgh & London Gazette

Arthur Wingate, the eldest son of John Wingate and Jean Fleming Langlands
Can be found in the 1901 Census now married with his own family
and carrying on the family tradition/occupation as ‘Calico Printer’

Living at 10 Prince’s Gardens, Partick, Glasgow
Arthur Wingate, Head of Household, age 38
Annie L. Wingate, Wife, age 33
Daughters Ruth M. Wingate, age 6 Lois M. Wingate, age 3
And Son John L. Wingate age 1


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