Saturday, 1 October 2011

George Smith

There are numerous cast-iron grave markers in the Larbert Old Churchyard and although most of them are in a very poor condition, there are a few which have survived remarkably well.

Most of these are thought to have been produced by the Sun Foundry which specialised in producing iron-work for cemeteries. The most popular appears to have been in the style of an arched cast-iron frame with a sandstone or marble inset, so George Smith’s obelisk is considered to be very rare.


The above 3 photographs show how quickly nature can take over!

The obelisk sits within a fenced-off area and is possibly considered dangerous, so whether there were additional insets it is impossible to say.

The one remaining inset is in very good condition.

The Monumental Inscription is as follows:

"Erected to the memory of
Who died 6th July 1833 aged 43 years
And his beloved wife
Who died 30th July 1871 aged 81 years
Also their children
Who died in infancy
Who died 10th March 1839 aged 21 years"

It is unknown what, or if there is any relationship between this George Smith
and the famous George Smith of the Sun Foundry, founded 1858.

The above 3 photographs illustrate some of the styles (and conditions) of the cast-iron markers.

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