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Sylvester Douglas Stirling

Stirling Families of Glenbervie & Tarduf

Sylvester Douglas Stirling, 12th Child and 7th son of John Stirling and Mary Graham of Kippendavie.

Born 3rd February 1803 and christened 24th February 1803 at Dunblane (Perthshire).

Married Anne Patricia Craigie Connell 7th September 1830 at Larbert.
(Anne was born 31st August 1811, daughter of David Connell)

Bought ‘Woodside’ Estate in 1832, changing the name to ‘Glenbervie’.

The couple went on to have 5 (known) children:

Isabella C. H. Stirling
Born 1831, died 1862

Anne Douglas S. Stirling
Born 1834, died 29th March 1867 at Edinburgh
(Married Major William Stirling, 2nd June 1864)
Anne Douglas Stirling, born 1865
Charlotte Dorothea Wylie Stirling, born 1867

*Mary Catherine (or Katherine) Stirling
Born c1833, died 28th July 1915
(Married William Stirling, her first cousin, 26th July 1855 at Glenbervie)

*More on Mary Katherine and her family later in article

Charlotte Jane Stirling
Born 1838, died 1866

Charles Douglas Stirling
Born 18th May, 1840, died 29th April 1856

The 1841 Census finds the family living at Glenbervie
Head of Household: S.D. (Sylvester Douglas) Stirling, age 35
A.C. (Anne Craigie/Connell) Stirling, age 29, Wife
I. G. H. (Isabella G. H.) Stirling, age 9, Daughter
M. K. (Mary Katherine) Stirling, age 7, Daughter
A. D. (Anne Douglas) Stirling, age 6 Daughter
C. J. (Charlotte Jane) Stirling, age 2, Daughter
C. D. (Charles Douglas) Stirling, age 1, Son

The Glasgow Herald, 4th September 1846 (Page 2)
Prints the death on 2nd September 1846 of Sylvester D. Stirling, Esq. of Glenbervie.

The Glasgow Herald, 7th September 1846 (Page 4) prints an Obituary

After her husband’s death, Mrs Stirling built the ‘new’ Glenbervie
and the previous Glenbervie was demolished.

The 1851 Census finds the family living at Glenbervie House
Head of Household: Anne Craigie Stirling, age 39, Landed Proprietor
Anne Douglas Stirling, age 16 Daughter
Charlotte Jane Stirling, age 12, Daughter
Charles Douglas Stirling, age 11, Son … not there

Son Charles Douglas Stirling died 29th April 1856

The 1861 Census finds the family living at Torquay in Devon
Head of Household: Anne C. Stirling, age 49
Isabella G. H. Stirling, age 29, Daughter
Anne Douglas Stirling, age 26 Daughter
Charlotte Stirling, age 22, Daughter

Daughter Isabella G. H. Stirling (wife of Major William Stirling) died 1862

Daughter Charlotte Jane Stirling died 1866

Stirling Family Enclosure in Larbert Old Parish Churchyard

The 1891 Census finds Anne living at Glenbervie House
Head of Household: Anne C. Stirling, age 79, Landed Proprietor
Anne D. Stirling, age 25, Grand- Daughter

Ann Stirling died 1899 and the trustees sold the Glenbervie Estate to James Aitken of Darroch
(of Russell & Aitken, Solicitors, Falkirk)

*Mary Catherine (or Katherine) Stirling, daughter of Sylvester Douglas and Anne  Stirling
Born c1833, died 28th July 1915
(Married William Stirling, her first cousin, 26th July 1855 at Glenbervie)
(Known) Children:
Mary Graham Stiring, born 1857, died 1923
Elizabeth Barrett Stirling, born 1859, died 1923
William George Hay Stirling, born c1862
Sylvester Douglas Stirling, born 1863, died 1924
Sylvia Anne Stirling, born 23rd February 1864, died 31st January 1866
Charlotte Douglas Stirling, born 2nd May 1866, died 12th June 1935
Rose Isabel Stirling, born 30th August 1868, died 4th January 1893
James David Stirling, born 11th December 1873, died 11th March 1910 (India)

The 1881 Census finds the family living at Tarduf Mansion in Muiravonside, Stirlingshire
Head of Household: William Stirling, age 59, Magistrate & West India Merchant
Wife: Mary Katherine Stirling, age 48
Mary Graham Stirling, age 23, Daughter
Elizabeth Barrett Stirling, age 22, Daughter
William George Hay Stirling, age 19, Son, Lieutenant, Highland & Border Militia
Sylvester Douglas Stirling, age 7, Son
James David Stirling, age 7, Son

The following photographs are of the Stirling Enclosure in Muiravonside Churchyard.

To the loved memory of WILLIAM STIRLING …..? died 28th March 19?? aged ..? years
And MARY KATHERINE his wife died 28th July 1915 in her …? year

SYLVIA ANNE born 23rd February 1864 died 31st January 1866
ROSE ISABEL born 30th August 1868 died 4th January 1893
Laid in Abney Park Cemetery, London

In loving memory of Capt. JAMES DAVID STIRLING
D.S.O. Wildes Rifles Frontier Force, Indian Army, 3rd son of William Stirling of Tarduf
Born December 11th 1873 killed in action on the North West Frontier of India
March 11th 1910 and laid in the Cemetery at Bannu, faithful unto death
And of ELIZABETH BARRET STIRLING born 1859 died 1923 laid in New Kilpatrick
MARY GRAHAM STIRLING born 1857 died 1923 laid in Warriston
SYLVESTER DOUGLAS STIRLING born 1853 died 1924 laid in Warriston
CHARLOTTE DOUGLAS STIRLING born May 2nd 1856 died June 12th 1935
Laid to rest in Warriston

The Aitken Family who purchased Glenbervie after the death of Anne Stirling have an impressive memorial in Camelon (Falkirk) Cemetery.

JOHN AITKEN, L.L.D., F.R.S., born 18th September 1839
Died at Ardenlea, Falkirk 13th November 1919
ROBERT AITKEN, born 4th December 1840
Died at Rosemount, Colmonnel, Ayrshire 4th May 1907

WALTER AITKEN, Major in the 42nd Regiment “The Black Watch”
Born 10th April 1842, killed at the Battle of Tamai, (Tamanieh) Egyptian Sudan, 13th March 1884
JESSIE AITKEN of Glenbervie, Larbert, daughter of Henry Aitken, Writer, Falkirk
Born 4th September 1843 died at Glenbervie 29th October 1923

ROBERT WALKER AITKEN son of James Aitken, Writer, Falkirk
Born 13th February 1811 died at Edinburgh 22nd February 1872
RUSSELL AITKEN, Civil Engineer, Bombay and London
Born 23rd July 1837 died at London 8th April 1915

JAMES AITKEN, Writer of Darroch and Glenbervie, eldest son of Henry Aitken, Writer, Falkirk
Born 26th November 1834 died at Darroch 17th December 1911
HENRY AITKEN, Coalmaster, Falkirk born 4th July 1838
Died at Darroch 21st November 1903

Glenbervie House is now a hotel.

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