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Double Trouble with Double-Barrell? (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1.

O.S. Six-inch 2nd and later editions, Scotland, 1892-1960, Stirlingshire Sheet XXIX.NE,
Publication Date: 1899, Date Revised 1896

1901 Census (31st March/1st April 1901)

11 South End Road, Hampstead, London
Leonora M. Muller, Head, Superintendent, Indian Army Nursing Service (Retired),
Age 36, born Scotland
Annette de Caroreso?, Boarder, living on own means, age 47, born Russia (Russian Subject)
Cornelia M. Muller, Niece, age 18, Type Writer etc., Worker, age 18, born Scarborough, Yorkshire
Gertrude Love, Boarder, age 35, Widow/Visitor, born United Stares (not a British Subject)
Collier Cates?, Boarder, Doctor of D…..?, age 35, born Yorshire

Arthur St. John, Visitor, Retired Army Officer, age 38, born India (British Subject)

Leonora married Arthur St. John in 1903 or 1904 at St. Giles District, London?
(England & Wales Free BMD Index)
(July, August, September Quarter)

1911 Census (2nd/3rd April 1911)
7 Holly Village, Swan Lane, Highgate, North London
Leonora Maxwell St.John, Wife, age 44, Married (for 8 years),
Retired Lady, Superintendent Army Nursing Service, born Glasgow, Scotland
Rosalie Wardrop, Cousin, age 15, at School, born London
Marjorie Howard, Visitor, age 21, Single, born London

1911 Census (2nd/3rd April 1911)

2 Hartington Road, Garston, Liverpool, West Derbyshire
Hugh Thomas Mapleton, Head, age 41, Single, Governing Director of Nut Food Factory,
Employer, born Gravesend, Kent

Captain Arthur St. John, Visitor, age 48, Married, Retired Army Officer, late Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Born Julandar, India (Resident)

Caroline Maxwell-Müller died age 65 on 24th June 1913
and was buried in Camelon Cemetery on 3rd July 1913
(M.I. Camelon Cemetery + Burial Record)

Marie Maxwell-Müller died age 67 on 8th August 1919
and was buried in Camelon Cemetery on 23rd August 1919
(M.I. Camelon Cemetery + Burial Record)

Elizabeth Arrot Watt Maxwell-Müller nee Salmond (wife of Robert William Maxwell-Müller)
Died on 29th July 1921 (M.I. Camelon Cemetery)

Robert William Maxwell-Müller nee Salmond died age 78 on 29th July 1921 (M.I. Camelon Cemetery)

Arthur John St. John (husband of Leonora Maxwell-Müller), Captain, Royal Iniskilling Fusiliers
Died age 75 on 16th February 1938 (M.I. Camelon Cemetery)

Leonora Maxwell-Müller (widow of Arthur John St. John)
Died age 90 at Falkirk Royal Infirmary on 4th February 1953 (Death Registration)
The informant of her death was possibly a cousin but the name and relationship is not clear.
This person obviously not sure of her age and stated that she was 88.

Arthur John St. John’s Will was registered in the  National Probate Calendar of England & Wales
(Index of Wills and Administrations)
Probate Date: 22nd October 1938, Registered in London.

Arthur St. John wrote a novel entitled  ‘Why Not Now?”
which was published the year after his death by Ebury Press in 1939.

The novel called for an ‘anarchist utopia on earth’. (Cover illustration below)

He is said to have visited Tolstoy at  Yasnaya Polyana in the Tula Region of Russia in 1897
and was later to b ecome active in the Tolstoyan Brotherhood movement in the
Hackney/Islington and Croydon districts of London.

He became Secretary of the Penal Reform League founded in 1907.

Arthur St.John was cremated on the 19th February 1938 at Glasgow (or Maryhill)  Crematorium
in the Western Necropolis, Tresta Road, Glasgow.

His ashes were scattered at Dumyat in the Ochil Hills (Source: Personal Communication with Mrs. Anne Paterson)

National Wallace Monument and Duymat Hill, the Ochils.

Leonora St John was one of the founding members of the
Greenhill Branch of Scottish Women’s Rural Institute.

The Institute was established on 19th October 1925

From handwritten letters held by Stirling Archives, it appears that the Institute’s first meeting
was held in the Maxwell-Müller Hall which was a wooden hut type building at Glenyards,
later to become known at the Maxwell-Müller ‘Hut’.

This hut was said to be gifted by Leonora and her husband Arthur St. John to the ‘Rural’
and the title deeds to the property handed over on the 24th May 1948.

However, in one of the obituaries to Leonora’s (in an unknown publication),
it is stated that the property was gifted by Marie Maxwell-Müller, Leonora’s younger sister,
so is possibly incorrect.  (Marie died 23rd August 1919)

The Hut was demolished and has been replaced by new housing
as can be seen in the street view below.
(Note that the telegraph poles have never been straightened!!)

Leonora was President of the Greenhill S.W.R.I. between 1925 – 1940,
then between 1946 – 1953, the year of her death.
(Source: Stirling Archives, SWRI Yearly Programmes/Syllabus)

The above photograph shows Leonora ‘cutting the cake’ at the 21st Birthday Party.
She would have been 84 years old.
 (The original photograph is held by Stirling Archives)

Leonora died at Falkirk Royal Infirmary on 4th February 1953
and was also cremated on the 7th February 1953 at Glasgow (or Maryhill)  Crematorium.

It is unknown where her ashes were scattered.

Glasgow Crematorium seen from Garnethill Hebrew Cemetery.
The Crematorium is the oldest in Scotland (opening in 1895) is located in the grounds of
the Western Necropolis Cemetery,
Tresta Road, Glasgow
Leonora died age 90 at Falkirk Royal Infirmary on 4th February 1953
(Death Registration)

The informant of her death was possibly a cousin but the name and relationship is not clear.
(This person, who listed their address as 10 Clarendon Place, Stirling
was obviously not sure of her age and stated that she was 88.)

Copy of a framed photograph held by Stirling Archives.
Leonora’s Obituaries

Scottish Home and Country Magazine (published April 1953)

Mrs St. John, Greenhill, Stirling and West Perth

Greenhill Institute has suffered a great loss in the death of Mrs St. John, their oldest member,
but one who was young in heart to the last.
For many years she had been a nurse – in London, Birmingham, Madras and Burma.
She was decorated by Queen Victoria, and held Serbian and French decorations as well.
After she and her husband came to live at Greenhill, she took a great interest in all local affairs
and in the WRI in particular, who activities were centred in the hut gifted by her sister. 
Hers was certainly a life spent in the service of her fellow-men,
and she will long be remembered by the many who admired and loved her.’

The above 2 column Obituary was amongst the S.W.R.I. Documents held by Stirling Archives.
The Publication is unknown.

The Family Gravestone in Camelon Cemetery, Falkirk.

The Monumental Inscription:

In memory of Charles William Maxwell-Müller, Pianist and Composer
Died 22nd November 1894
And his spouse Janet Marion Alexandra Wardrop died 9th April 1891
And their daughter Elise died 27th November 1874
Also of their children
Joanna Gray widow of R.C. Fraser died 5th January 1874 aged 19 years
Dora died 4th October 1876 aged 19 years
Charles Walton died 26th January 1882 aged 22 years
Jessie died 19th April 1849 aged 4½ years
Martin and Annabella born and died in May 1856
Their son-in-law Capt. Arthur John St. John, Royal Iniskilling Fusiliers
Who died 16th February 1938 aged 75 years
In loving memory of Caroline Maxwell-Müller
Who erected this monument died 24th June 1913
Marie Maxwell-Müller died 18th August 1919
Robert William Maxwell-Müller, G.E., died 24th November 1935 aged 78 years
And his spouse Elizabeth Arrot Watt Salmond died 29th July 1921

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