Thursday, 25 April 2013

Needle in a Haystack?

A Search for Sisters

Information had come from family sources which were based on handed-down verbal descriptions that Annie Edgar, who died around 1930, was buried in a cemetery in the Glasgow area.

The description was that it was thought to be near Hogganfield Loch and
that there was a Jewish Section in the cemetery.

The only place matching that description had to be Riddrie Park.

Annie Edgar had married, but who she married was unknown.
She had an elder sister Isabel whom had died a few years earlier – sometime around 1925.
It was unknown whether Isabel had married.

Their parents were thought to be David and Mary Edgar.

Not much to go on!

However, the clue that narrowed things down, was the fact that the Jewish section is at the
extreme west end of the cemetery and that the nearest sections to this
might be either ‘A’ or ‘B’ so either of these could be where the sisters were laid to rest.

A large portion of Section A is cordoned off as it sits above old mine-workings
and the whole area is at risk of subsidence. The remaining area still accessible, but
after a thorough search, no existing stone bearing the surname Edgar was found.

On to Section B!

Again, every existing stone was scrutinized – but still nothing.

Section B

Just at the point of admitting defeat, the edge of a stone - just visible – almost
entirely engulfed by a huge rhododendron bush appeared.

After attempting to avoid a million bumble-bees buzzing around ……

Lo and behold – TWO EDGAR SISTERS!!!


Sacred to the memory of my dear wife NAN EDGAR
Who died 9th March 1930 aged 31 years
ISABELL EDGAR her sister died 3rd June 1924 aged 31 years

The details didn’t match exactly, but as everything else was a bit vague,
 it HAD to be them!

Isobel’s name had changed slightly in spelling and Annie had become Nan, but most importantly,
the inscription revealed Annie’s married name of Fleming.

A search for a marriage revealed the full details:

On the 24th December 1920, at 10 Queen Margaret Crescent, Glasgow
Robert Fleming, Commercial Traveller, age 24
Son of John Fleming, Farmer and Annie Fleming nee Ferguson
Annie Robina Porteous Edgar, age 22
Daughter of David Edgar, Commercial Traveller and Mary Edgar nee McFarlane
The couple both listed their place of residence as 15 Arlington Street, Glasgow
Their witnesses were David Edgar and Isabella Edgar

A subsequent search for Annie’s death verified that this was the same person.

Annie and her family are found on the 1901 Census as follows:

Living at 14 Cathedral Street, Glasgow
David Edgar, Head, age 43, Storeman, South Knapdale, Argyll
Mary Edgar, wife, age 36, Glasgow
David Edgar, son, age 16, Scholar, Glasgow
Isabella Edgar, daughter, age 9,  England
Annie R. Edgar, daughter, age 2, Glasgow

The moral of the story?

A needle CAN be found in a haystack!!

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